By Duncan Smith

Joe Biden’s handlers are moving quickly while they have complete control of the government to consolidate their power forever, which will cause endless civil war that they seem to be egging on in any way possible.

After reversing Trump’s border enforcement policies, which Biden’s handlers did on purpose, they opened the floodgates into the country again, just like Obama did for nearly eight years.

The result was predictable: New waves of migrants.

People who keep calling for Kamala Harris to ‘go to the border’ need to just save their breath: She’s not going because the plan to open the border is purposeful. She’s not going to ‘recommend’ that Trump’s policies be reimplemented or even stopping the flow of humanity.

As such, the waves of humanity continue flowing into the country. And as such, the Biden regime is now moving those migrants secretly around the countr, mostly into red states so they can ‘breed’ new future Democratic voters in those states.

Like Tennessee.

The Daily Mail reports that the regime has been busted distributing migrant children into Tennessee without notifying the state or its congressional contingent:

Several videos obtained by WRCB-TV Channel 3 show a handful of planes carrying minor migrants arriving at Chattanooga's Wilson Air Center during overnight hours.

Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn said in a statement the transportation of migrants there is taking place in 'the dead of night without the knowledge or permission of the communities involved.'

A source with direct knowledge of the operation revealed somewhere up to 50 minors are transported at a time – some to reunite with family members in other states and others to be relocated to group homes.

The individual revealed that while the operation started in Dallas, it moved to small airports recently to avoid attention.

Americans who care about preserving the country have to understand that there are parts of it that cannot be preserved let alone converted. They are gone. And Democrats are trying to grab more parts.

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