By Duncan Smith

President Donald Trump came into office with pledge of ‘draining the swamp.’

There is no way he could have understood just how deep, wide, and extensive the dirty, fetid swamp really is.

In the weeks before the 2020 election, we learned just how dirty Joe and Hunter Biden really are, thanks to the fact that the son abandoned a laptop full of bombshells at a Delaware repair shop in 2019.

Details from materials found on the laptop’s hard drive continue to seep out, and the picture these details paint is one of a thoroughly corrupt Washington family that has become the latest example of why we need term limits.

“An email uncovered from what is purported to be the laptop belonging to Hunter Biden shows something deeply disturbing involving Biden and an FBI director when Biden was Vice President of the United States,” Conservative Brief reported Thursday.

“Former FBI director Louis Freeh deposited a whopping $100,000 into a private trust for the grandchildren of Biden,” the site added.

The Daily Mail reported:

Freeh also spoke with then-Vice President Biden in 2016 'to explore with him some future work options', according to the bombshell communications   

The emails suggest Freeh was trying to establish a future business relationship with Biden – and the White House has failed to disclose to whether Joe Biden discussed private business with Freeh while in office.

According to the messages, obtained by from Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop, the former FBI director was working for three foreign businessmen and officials at the time, who were all later convicted of various corruption charges, including a multi-billion-dollar ransacking of a Malaysian wealth fund.

Again, these people are poster children not just for term limits but also for secession. There is no ‘fixing’ this kind of systemic corruption.

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