By Duncan Smith

You recall earlier this year when cowardly Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi demanded tens of thousands of National Guard troops be deployed to protect Congress from those ‘insurrectionist’ Trump voters.

We know that there never was an “insurrection” at the Capitol Jan. 6. We also know that it was a staged false-flag event.

But that hasn’t stopped Democrats from using the pre-planned incident as part of their push to permanently militarize the people’s Capitol Building.

As reported by the Washington Examiner, Democrats have narrowly (by one vote) passed a $2 billion spending package that would ensure a permanent National Guard presence around the Capitol, along with security “enhancements” to protect against future riots.

They must know something we don’t: That they’re about ready to crack down on more than half the country in a way that will require them to be protected from the masses who they believe will come for them sooner or later.

The Examiner reports:

The measure would dedicate $529 million to harden the Capitol with stronger doors and windows as well as new screening vestibules for police. It would fund retractable or “pop-up” fencing that could be deployed quickly in the event of another riot.

The measure also includes more than $10 million for police equipment, including body cameras and riot gear, which officers said was lacking on the day of the riots and left them underequipped to fend off the rioters.

A provision in the measure would provide all officers with body cameras but would exclude those on protective detail for lawmakers, including the leadership. …

The measure would include $21.5 million for lawmaker security, including providing security for travel and in their districts.

Republicans oppose the bill because it’s unnecessary — that is, as long as Democrats stop trying to take over the country via Marxist revolution.

Clearly, they are not going to stop, however: Now they are demanding taxpayers provide them with their own protective army as they continue working to destroy the republic.

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