By Duncan Smith

Republican strategists who believe that Democrat ‘light on crime’ policies which have caused major spikes in violence and death in the big cites and are thus turning voters off are badly misjudging voters.

Those voters are apparently the same sheep ideologues as the people they have elected to destroy their cities.

Take Pennsylvania, for instance.

The Daily Caller reports:

Progressive candidates were victorious in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh's Democratic primaries Tuesday night, winning races by wide margins after a yearlong surge in violent crime.

In Philadelphia, progressive District Attorney Larry Krasner cruised to a second term, beating moderate, police-backed primary challenger Carlos Vega by 30 points, even as multiple reports pointed to a potentially close race. In Pittsburgh, progressive state Rep. Ed Gainey ousted incumbent Mayor Bill Peduto by approximately seven points, making him poised to be the first black mayor in the city's history.

Krasner, who was first elected in 2017 on a platform of criminal justice reform, told supporters Tuesday that he had kept his promises to focus on crime within the city.

'This time, they put us back in office for what we have done,' he said, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer. 'Not ideas. Not promises, but realities.'

Literally, these lunatics have been given a mandate by stupid voters to continue destroying their cities by sticking with light-on-crime policies.

So again, if you live in one of these dangerous dung holes, if you want to be safe you’re just going to have to get out. The majority of people who live in those cities with you are ideological idiots, obviously.

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