By Duncan Smith

We’ve been concentrating more and more on the issue of inflation because we were certain it would get worse as the Biden Marxists continue printing money and pouring it into an economy that has plenty of jobs but lacks workers and thus is failing to produce enough goods for all that money to buy.

It’s really just this simple: More money available to buy fewer goods and services leads to massive price increases. This isn’t rocket science; it’s Economics 101.

And Americans know this inflation is already occurring. We are all paying more for commodities like lumber and building materials, food, goods, and gasoline.

Worse, everything the regime is doing is making things worse.

“Data are pointing more towards higher inflation than I expected, and sooner,” former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers said recently.

More, from an intelligence report we get:

Meanwhile, Wharton economics professor Jeremy Siegel predicted that inflation could reach 20% over the next two to three years due to expansion of the money supply. It appears that both Summers and Siegel believe that the Fed has allowed too much money to get ahead of them, first leading to last week's CPI surprise and potentially followed by much higher inflation. If this turns out to be the case, then we're likely to see negative social effects, especially if the cost of living climbs faster than wages. This could result in protests and some potentially severe economic and financial consequences if the Fed raises interest rates. A recent JPMorgan note to investors explained that rising inflation signals an overbought market. Runaway inflation and a potential bubble pop leading to a market crash, along with the ensuing social unrest, will make for a long, difficult summer. 

Biden’s Marxist handlers are literally trying to ruin our country’s economy at a time when we have more global and domestic challenges than at any time since before World War II.

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