By Duncan Smith

What do you call a muddy puddle of water in the middle of a plowed cornfield?

If you’re a farmer, you call it a ‘mud puddle’ and you try to avoid it until it dries so you don’t get a tractor stuck.

Indeed, that’s what it was called for the past four years during Donald Trump’s ‘regulation lite’ administration.

But tyrannical, big government Democrats are in power again and now, suddenly, those same mud puddles have become ‘federally protected waterways’ under EPA rules.

The Epoch Times details this madness involving a farm family in South Dakota (oh, a red state run by a governor who hates Washington overreach…go figure):

A farming family is suing the federal government over its demand that they leave what the family argues is a mud puddle in the middle of their farm intact because it considers the ground to be a federally protected wetland.

The legal complaint in the case, Foster v. U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), was filed earlier this month in U.S. District Court in South Dakota. The lawsuit was filed by the Sacramento, California-based Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF), a national public interest law firm.

The puddle is about 0.8 acres in size and roughly eight inches deep. …

Arlen and Cindy Foster, third-generation farmers in Miner County, South Dakota, argue that the U.S. Constitution's Commerce Clause doesn't give Congress the authority to regulate an isolated farm field depression that neither collects nor discharges water as a wetland. They also contend that the government can't condition the distribution of benefits—such as federal crop insurance—on recipients waiving their constitutional rights.

Along with their daughter, son-in-law and six grandchildren, the Fosters raise cattle, corn, soybeans, and hay on land Arlen's grandfather bought back in 1900 with a $1,000 loan.

The rights of the family 'are being violated by being subjected to federal micromanagement of how they farm in order to protect a mud puddle,' Tony Francois, a senior PLF attorney told The Epoch Times. 'The suit when it is successful will allow them the freedom to use their property as they see best.'

'The government has no power to regulate how you use mud puddles on your property, but because they provide things like crop insurance assistance,' the government has power over them, Francois said.

Well, if the government chooses to use that power.

Trump’s administration didn’t. Biden’s handlers are tyrants, though, so naturally, they are.

This is lunacy on steroids and just another reason why red states need to seriously think about extricating themselves from these tyrants.

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