By Duncan Smith

We hear all the time from readers who want to know the answer to this question: ‘What can I do to stop my country from being taken over by radical authoritarians?’

In the past there were a few answers to that question, but today there is only really one.

We saw how, in 2020, our votes were literally stolen.

We saw how the federal courts didn’t want to hear from the Trump campaign about it.

We saw how the Supreme Court was too afraid to do the right thing and rule that several states unconstitutionally changed their voting laws to allow results to be stolen from Trump.

We saw how our pals, the Republicans, refused to stand up to illegal voting changes made by state courts and secretaries of state.

The system, in other words, broke down.

But the Constitution does remain and there is an organization that has been toiling away behind the scenes to use our founding document to restore our republic.

Without Congress. And without the courts.

It’s called the Convention of States, and their plan is simple: Use Article V of the Constitution to propose and approve new amendments that take back power for the people.

They explain it all right here (no, there would not be a ‘runaway convention’ — because three-fourths of the states would never approve of, say, ditching the Second Amendment).

And the good news is, this org is making progress.

Per a Thursday email:

Momentum is building! Yesterday, we announced our landslide victory in the Wisconsin Assembly, and today another state has taken a critical step forward.

Earlier this week, the South Carolina House voted 66-42 to pass the COS Resolution on to its final reading. Then yesterday, on a voice vote, they officially passed the resolution, sending it on to the Senate!

This victory comes after a heroic ground-game by our team of grassroots activists who met with legislators, hosted capitol lobby days, and spoke to countless citizen groups across the state to garner constituent support. 

In fact, one of our state leaders was recently told by a guard that he would appreciate it if our team would start giving him a heads up whenever we plan to show up, because we always pack the house! 

So far, 16 states have passed a convention resolution. It takes 34.

We know that the system as it currently is has been corrupted and no longer works.

So it’s time to bypass it and let the people regain their power. Our founders feared this day would come; that’s why they wrote into the Constitution another way to propose and ratify constitutional amendments.

Even constitutionalist Mark Levin recommends this process; he even wrote an entire book about it (The Liberty Amendments).

We won’t get our country back any other way, peacefully.

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