By Duncan Smith

The Marxist revolutionary takeover of America began in our biggest cities, and judging by the latest data, the Marxists are winning.

One of the objectives of the revolutionaries is to create chaos, then use it to justify a massive crackdown on society whereby they then declare a new form of government and take control using force.

You know what comes next; you’ve seen this movie.

Suppression of rights. Suspension of the Constitution. No more ‘free speech’ unless you’re mouthing the regime’s propaganda. No more privacy. No more property rights. And guns? Forget it; they’re gonna be confiscated.

Newsmax provides the details:

Violent crimes soared in most areas where police agencies are working under federally court-ordered reform agreements.

The finding comes from an Axios review of  FBI and Justice Department data on all 12 agencies operating under consent decrees since 2012. The outlet found that seven of the areas where police agencies are under consent decrees experienced increases in violent crime rates in two years compared to the two years before they entered into the agreement.

Consent decrees are court-approved legal agreements reached without litigation. With it, a judge can keep tabs on a police department to make sure it is complying with court orders.

Here are the areas where violent crime skyrocketed two years after consent decrees.

  • Los Angeles County — 61%
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico — 36%
  • Seattle — 27%
  • New Orleans — 20%
  • Maricopa County, Arizona — 19%
  • Cleveland — 13%
  • Baltimore — 11%

These garbage ‘consent decrees’ were popularized by the Obama regime; Biden’s regime is bringing them back, and of course, under the lie that police departments are “systemically racist.”

”This memorandum makes clear that the Department will use all appropriate legal authorities to safeguard civil rights and protect the environment, consistent with longstanding Departmental practice and informed by the expertise of the Department's career workforce,” a memo from Attorney General Merrick Garland said earlier this month.

If you live in a major city, find a way to get out. Chaos is coming, along with ‘revolution.’

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