By Duncan Smith

Well, Rep. Liz Cheney was removed from her post as the No. 3 Republican in the House on Wednesday.

And from the looks of it, not too many rank-and-file Republicans, let alone those in leadership positions, are upset about it.

They warned her behind the scenes to stop harping on Donald Trump because he’s not just the current leader of the party, he’s the future leader — even if he doesn’t run again for president.

That’s because party leaders have figured out what Cheney and her RINO GOP Establishment brotherhood have not:

— We’re no longer into endless wars

— We don’t want waves of cheap labor migrants taking American jobs

— We prefer ‘Made In America’ to ‘Made in China’

— We love main street a lot more than Wall Street.

So party members and leaders are done with Cheney, even though she said Wednesday after her ouster she’s not done opposing Trump.

Just. Wow.

Rank-and-file Republican voters have moved on from the Cheneys, Bushes, Romneys, and the Establishment ‘conservatives’ like William Kristol and George Conway.

They are solidly pro-America. They are solidly pro-Trump. And it’s about time.

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