By Duncan Smith

The Middle East is tumultuous, Iran is challenging U.S. warships again, China is thinking about colonizing another Pacific Ocean atoll within striking distance of Pearl Harbor, and Russian hackers are shutting down American pipelines.

A few months ago, we were net oil and gas exporters; today, Americans are fighting in lines at gas stations along the East Coast, as some run out of fuel completely.

Out southwestern border is literally wide open.

As gas prices rise, so, too, have prices for a host of other commodities — lumber, food, clothing, cars, housing.

Jobs are plentiful but somehow we don’t have enough workers to fill a historic number of vacancies (because we’re literally paying people to stay out of the workforce).

Ongoing COVID BS restrictions and politicized ‘guidance’ from the federal government.

Our country and the world are spinning nearly out of control, and the man who is supposed to be the leader of the free world — Joe Biden — is nowhere to be found.

Writing at Fox News, Keith Koffler notes:

Friday was supposed to be a glorious day for Biden. The latest employment numbers were set to be released, and economists were gushing that a million new jobs had likely been created in April by exuberant employers and their newly vaccinated workers. 

His team no doubt was prepared to unleash Biden to perform a little victory dance at the White House celebrating the stupendous number. But the show had to be hastily revamped when the actual tally came in nearly three-quarters-of-a-million jobs lower than expected; just 266,000 jobs created and unemployment unexpectedly rising to 6.1%. …

The jobs figures were just the first in a series of out-of-nowhere body blows hitting the president during a remarkable five days of bad developments that stretched from Israel to the Mexican border and up the East Coast via the Colonial Pipeline. …

By Saturday morning, the Colonial Pipeline, which transports nearly half of the East Coast’s fuel supplies up from Texas, had been turned off, the victim of a ransomware cyberattack by a group of nasty hackers who, by the way, might be working with the Russian government. Biden was “briefed” on the situation Saturday morning. …

Meantime, Palestinians had begun violently clashing with Israeli police at the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, an escalation of tensions that had been simmering and occasionally boiling over for weeks. Hamas began launching rocket attacks into Israel, which responded by bombing Gaza. …

U.S. Customs and Border Protection revealed Tuesday that migrant encounters jumped yet again this past April: over 178,000 in all, nearly a tenfold increase from 2020 and still above levels seen in the 2019 surge at the Mexico border. …

In a bit of beguiling partisan moves that has befuddled many Americans, Senate Democrats pressed ahead Tuesday with their plans to overhaul the nation’s election laws — after many states, such as GOP-guided governments in Florida and Georgia, enacted different changes for their own constituents. Divisive racial undercurrents have developed amid all this, all on the watch of the so-called unity president. …

On the COVID-19 front, the once-unimpeachable Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was taking shots on the chin for some dubious recommendations to a populace ready to get back to normal.

No one is this incompetent. This onslaught of crises and ‘challenges’ is intentional. The forces aligned against our constitutional republic are playing their hand. They know that these measures are not popular, but they’re enacting them anyway.


Because they are already executing plans to remain in power forever; that’s the only way to explain such normally politically destructive behavior.

The time to save our republic is drawing near. You’d better gird for it.

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