By Duncan Smith

Throughout last summer, the worst mayor in the country, New York City’s Bill de Blasio, had no problem with Black Lives Matter thugs rampaging through streets and looting businesses ‘in the name of George Floyd.

Scores of ‘protesters’ went maskless for the mayhem, even while he forced law-abiding New Yorkers to ‘shelter in place’ due to COVID-19 and even sent the NYPD to bust up really major violations of his tyrannical order — like Jewish weddings and funerals.

And more recently, cannabis:

But a veteran parade? Oh, no, no, no.

The Blaze reports:

A veterans’ group is threatening to sue New York City if they are not permitted to hold its annual Memorial Day parade.

The United Staten Island Veterans’ Organization was denied a permit for the parade, and the group is highlighting a double standard. American military service members are barred from marching in a patriotic parade, yet Black Lives Matter protesters were not only allowed, but encouraged, to hold protests throughout the city for the last year.

This year’s Memorial Day parade would be the 102nd running of the distinguished procession to celebrate American service members. This year’s parade was specifically going to honor Gulf War veterans since it is the conflict’s 30th anniversary.

The United Staten Island Veterans’ Organization, an association of 16 local veterans’ groups that has sponsored the annual event for decades, filed a request for a parade permit with the New York Police Department on Feb. 27, according to Staten Island Live. The vets’ group estimated that approximately 1,000 participants would “march down Forest Avenue from Hart Boulevard to Greenleaf Avenue, a 18-block stretch of the leafy commercial street in West Brighton,” the New York Post reported. However, the NYPD denied their request to hold the parade.

Understand that left-wing Marxists like de Blasio, “The Squad,” and their ilk do things like this not just because they are awful human beings.

They do it to destroy American traditions.

Can’t have a revolution unless you debunk, de-emphasize, and debase the founding culture, can you?

So whether or not this veteran’s group is successful, they are doing exactly the right thing by fighting back — fighting to preserve tradition and at the same time keep the Marxists at bay.

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