By Duncan Smith

Democrats are the party of big government, we all know that.

But they are increasingly becoming the party of only government, as evidenced by the latest proposal from Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

The multimillionaire ‘academic’ is claiming that child care is the new “infrastructure” and wants tens of billions in newly printed money added to an already overblown spending package that already spends a very small among on traditional infrastructure like roads, bridges, waterways, and in the 21st century, broadband.

“It is time to treat childcare for what it is. It’s basic infrastructure. We want people to go to work, we need universal childcare,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren told PBS “Newshour” on Friday, before going on to discuss the dismal jobs report.

“The numbers are a reminder that we need universal childcare in this country. We have already seen how women have had to drop out of the workforce, have been pushed out of the workforce. And one of the principal reasons is because of childcare,” she claimed.

(Credit: PBS/MRCTV)

“You know, we had a childcare crisis long before the pandemic came along. But with the pandemic, a bad problem got a whole lot worse. Now, the good news is that the rescue plan had childcare in it. But we now need to make childcare part of our basic infrastructure.”

Actually, the biggest reason why more Americans aren’t returning to the workforce is big government playing nanny: $300/week in extra unemployment benefits added onto state unemployment benefits giving potential workers more money than they would otherwise earn at a job.

Not a ‘lack of childcare.’ What nonsense.

But it gets better (or worse, really). Warren doesn’t just want to spend a little on ‘child care,’ she wants to spend a lot because she wants government to take it over.

'[Biden’s] proposed about $4.4 billion — $425 billion over 10 years. It’s really going to take about $700 billion to give us universal childcare. But he understands the problem. We just need to make sure that the solution is the same size as the problem,” she said.

No, we need to send these Marxist losers back to the private sector and get them the hell out of government altogether before there is no saving America.

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