By Duncan Smith

When a legendary rocker from the 60’s and 70’s starts making the most sense about where our culture is today and where it is heading, it’s time to listen to what he has to say and heed his advice.

Roger Daltry, frontman for The Who, blasted cancel culture and all the “woke” Marxist BS permeating Western society these days, and he isn’t at all optimistic about our future if we don’t fight back against it.

“It’s just getting harder to disseminate the truth,” Daltrey told DJ Zane Lowe on Apple Music in late April. “It’s almost like, now we should turn the whole thing off. Go back to newsprint, go back to word of mouth, and start to read books again.”

“It’s becoming so absurd now with AI, all the tricks it can do, and the woke generation,” he continued. “It’s terrifying, the miserable world they’re going to create for themselves. I mean, anyone who’s lived a life and you see what they’re doing, you just know that it’s a route to nowhere. Especially when you’ve lived through the periods of a life that we’ve had the privilege to.”

“We’ve had the golden era. There’s no doubt about that,” Daltrey explained. “We came out of a war, we came out of a leveled society, completely flattened bomb sites and everything. And we’ve been through socialist governments. We’ve seen the communist system fail in the Soviet Union. I’ve been in those communist countries while they were communist. I’ve seen how ‘wonderful’ — really? — it was.”

It took a legendary rocker to truth bomb us. Now — will anyone listen to him?

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