By Duncan Smith

A survey published by the left-wing losers at the Washington Post in late April produced some surprising and, for the paper no doubt, upsetting, results.

One, support for new gun control legislation being pushed by the fake president, Joe Biden, and his Garbage Party, is tanking.

No 2, it’s also tanking among younger Americans, signaling what may actually be a major culture shift in the U.S. of A.

And boy, do we need it.

“In April of 2018, 65 percent of those aged 18-29 said they supported new gun control laws, specifically ‘red flag’ laws and a limit on magazine capacity. Some three years later that number plummeted 20 full points to just 45 percent,” Breitbart News reported, citing the survey and other data.

That’s not just good news — that’s fantastic news.

More, from Newsweek:

The preference for enacting new gun laws aimed at reducing firearm violence has dropped by 7 percent overall since the last corresponding survey was conducted in April 2018. Percentage drops were seen in nearly every demographic divide. In that time period, 20 percent of Hispanics pulled back from supporting new gun laws, falling to 50 percent. An increase in rural Americans also now say they want no new gun restrictions, down 17 points to 30 percent.

So, the main question is, what’s driving this change of heart?

Several things, no doubt.

1 — American cities are becoming more violent, and that trend will continue as long as Democrats run them (because most Democrats are stone Marxists who hate the country and are pushing ‘revolution’)

2 — The same Democrats have led to the rise of modern-day Brownshirts like Antifa and Black Lives Matter, thugs, one and all (and they are becoming more emboldened)

3 — Rebellion against ‘the establishment’ that is typical for young people (‘Biden says we can’t have a gun? BS – I want at GUN!’)

4 — There is probably also a growing resentment of ‘wokeness’ as well, which frowns upon concepts like self-defense, independence, freedom, and liberty.

Whatever the causes, the fact that young people are shunning the left’s incessant push for more gun control is a great thing.

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