By Duncan Smith

Since the death of George Floyd sparked riots and looting about a year ago — riots that were quickly seized upon and exploited by Marxist Democrats — major American cities that just happen to be run by the same party have devolved into chaos.

Americans are not safe in these cities anymore, and that’s saying something because many Americans weren’t safe in them before the rioting.

The resultant chaos has led to dramatic spikes in crime and we all know what that’s happening: The Democrats who run the cities and their Marxist allies are encouraging the lawlessness by attacking police, demonizing anyone calling for law and order, and refusing to prosecute a growing subset of criminal behavior.

But the biggest contributor to the increases in crime are the demonization and persecution of police.

The Daily Caller reports on the worsening conditions in America’s cities:

In the wake of the death of George Floyd, who died after former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin kneeled on his neck for about 10 minutes in May 2020, thousands of protests and riots took place across the country. Chauvin was found guilty of second-degree and third-degree murder last month.

Protests, in which demonstrators alleged widespread police brutality, occurred in about 1,700 different U.S. municipalities and cities within the span of just a few weeks in June 2020, USA Today reported. Overall, the protests and riots caused about $1 billion in damage.

In addition to property damage, violent crime increased rapidly last summer. These cities were particularly hit hard by the crime surge.

Minneapolis; New York City; Chicago; Washington, D.C.; Atlanta; Louisville, Ky.

'We are definitely at a critical manpower shortage here,' Louisville police union spokesperson Dave Mutchler told the Daily Caller News Foundation last week. 'The climate that we all find ourselves in right now is a lot more demanding and stressful on officers.'

'Morale is basically in the toilet,' he continued.

Democrats are destroying our cities, literally. It’s going to get worse. Millions will suffer. Get out if you live in one of them because those who remain will continue to vote for the same people who are trying to kill them.

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