By Duncan Smith

If you were wondering whether Americans were agitating for getting rid of all of the ridiculous COVID pandemic restrictions such as being able to go to a sporting event or into a store without a mask, a new survey gives the answer.

The answer is no.

Respondents to a Economist/YouGov survey were asked this question: 'When do you think it will be safe for YOU to go out in public without a mask on?'

Breitbart News notes:

Twenty-six percent, said it is 'safe right now.' Another six percent said it will be safe by spring of 2021, 13 percent said summer of 2021, and 16 percent said the end of 2021. Nineteen percent said 2022 or later, and another nineteen percent said they were not sure.

The survey also asked respondents how often they have worn a mask in the last seven days when outside of their home. A plurality, 49 percent, said 'always,' followed by 21 percent who said 'most of the time,' 19 percent who said 'some of the time,' and 12 percent who said 'never.'

The bottom line: Only about one-in-four Americans believe it’s ‘safe enough’ to go out in public — to be out of doors — without a mask.

Our founding fathers are drinking heavy and shaking their heads in disgust and disbelief somewhere. The Democrat left has successfully neutered three-quarters of people in a country that defeated colonial Britain, Nazi Germany, and the Soviet Union.

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