By Duncan Smith

Economic storm clouds continue to gather on the horizon, and with Joe Biden’s Marxist regime in power, that does not bode well for our country’s future.

Most Americans are already aware that inflation is happening, even though the garbage media isn’t reporting it. Can’t do anything to harm Dementia Joe.

But working Americans aren’t well-to-do and have bills to pay; they know lumber, food, gas, home items, and automobiles are all going up in price.


But all of that is about to get worse: There is a budding trucker shortage that is only going to compound our supply-and-demand issues that fed into the inflation we’re seeing now after more than a year of pandemic-related work stoppages and shutdowns.

The industry is panicking, as the Washington Examiner notes:

A nationwide truck driving shortage has prompted one company to offer drivers $14,000 a week.

Texas-based Sisu Energy is offering the pay, which amounts to roughly $60,000 per month, to experienced truck drivers as a result of coronavirus pandemic caused shortages in the trucking industry, according to KENS 5 San Antonio.

During the pandemic, many truckers left the industry due to a lack of product, and the rates for hauling that product tumbled. Now that demand has slowly returned, companies are facing a truck driver shortage.

Jim Grundy, CEO and owner of Sisu Energy, says the shortage will last through the summer and possibly several years.

“And it’s not just going to be gasoline,' Grundy said. 'It’s not going just going to be wood. You’re talking about all your retail goods, just like clothing, food, toilet paper, you name it.

He added: 'This thing is going to last anywhere from two to four years. And it could be longer because the population’s getting stronger.”

These Democrats have set our nation on a course to self-destruct. You need to plan accordingly.

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