By Duncan Smith

If you’re still living in California and were even thinking about maybe relocating ‘someday,’ that day has come.

You need to get the hell out of that state as fast as you possibly can because the Marxists who have taken over the American Terrorist Party (that would be Democrats) are setting Californians up to be butchered.

And that is by design, by the way.

Case in point: The George Soros bought-and-paid-for “prosecutor” in Los Angeles, George Gascon, himself a former police officer, is refusing to seek the death penalty for a pair of ghouls who tortured a 10-year-old boy to death.

Fox News has more:

A prosecutor with the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office is blasting DA George Gascón’s Thursday decision to drop the office’s bid for the death penalty in the case of a woman and her boyfriend accused of torturing and killing her 10-year-old son. …

In 2019, then-District Attorney Jackie Lacey's office announced it would seek the death penalty for defendants Heather Maxine Barron, 31, and Kareem Ernesto Leiva, 35.

The two have been charged with torture and murder with the special circumstance of murder involving torture in the June 2018 killing of Barron's son, Anthony Avalos. 

The decision was announced Thursday and means the maximum Barron and Leiva could face is life without parole. 

The decision by Gascon is so horrendous that one of his subordinates is blasting him over it.

“This is not based upon new evidence,” Deputy District Attorney Jonathan Hatami said, according to the City News Service. “This is not based upon new mitigation or new law. I stand by the special-circumstances committee decision that I announced to the court on the record two years ago.”

FoxLA adds:

It marks the second high-profile case in which the assigned prosecutors have publicly objected to the death penalty being dropped as a potential punishment. Deputy District Attorneys Garrett Dameron that he and fellow prosecutor Geoff Lewin had been “ordered to remove the death penalty as punishment consideration” in the case of Michael Christopher Mejia, who is awaiting trial on charges stemming from the 2017 killings of Whittier Police Officer Keith Boyer and Mejia’s own cousin.

Now, look — Gascon isn’t a stupid man, and neither is George Soros. They both know that the ‘criminal justice reforms’ (as in, lighter sentencing, getting rid of cash bail, ignoring major crime, etc.) they and the other ‘prosecutors’ Soros has installed in major cities around the country are going to lead to chaos. 

That is the objective: Create so much chaos that American society collapses and with it, the rest of the free world.

That’s macro-geopolitics; your main and more immediate concern is getting out of places like L.A., Chicago, New York City, etc., along with the blue states that harbor them, because you are in imminent danger.

These lunatic ‘revolutionaries’ are playing for keeps. Don’t become a casualty.

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