By Duncan Smith

The so-called lovers of anarchy — generally overprivileged white kids who have literally nothing at all in the world to worry about — are about to get their wish. We’ll see what they’re truly made of, then.

One major American city, each of them long run by the American Terrorist Party (Democrats), is steadily spiraling out of control, and soon they will all become cauldrons of inescapable violence.

The latest to approach the abyss is Baltimore.

Since about 2015 when cops there were persecuted and prosecuted — falsely — following the death of Freddie Gray, a black man with a lengthy criminal history, the city’s police department has been dwindling.

Like cops in other big cities, Baltimore police are walking away because they know beyond any doubt if they get jammed up in a situation like that with Freddie Gray or any other black man, city Democrats are going to throw them under the bus so fast it’ll make their heads spin.

So they’re leaving. In droves. And it’s having a negative effect on public safety, big time.

From an intel report we get:

Due to increased violence in Baltimore, emergency response services are being denied due to shortages. City officials stopped prosecution of prostitution, drug possession and other offenses to reduce jail populations during the pandemic. The city is experiencing a 17% increase in homicides while navigating a $22 million budget cut for police overtime and special units. The Baltimore City Fraternal Order of Police said the city is roughly 500 officers short and current patrol staffing may result in the closure of two police districts.

So, as the Democrats who run Baltimore disparage and persecute cops, they are also letting criminals off the hook and aiding and abetting more crime.

There is no better recipe for anarchy than this.

Hide and watch this city collapse. It’s coming.

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