By Duncan Smith

Democrats — especially Democrats of color — have an unhealthy, unprecedented hatred for the country they are supposed to represent.

They demonstrate it constantly.

America sucks. America is full of white supremacists. America is unjust. America is unfair.

American hasn’t made one iota of progress in the 240 years we’ve been in existence in terms of ensuring that citizens of all races and ethnic groups are treated fairly and equally.


It’s disgraceful for them to say that, but they do. Constantly.

Especially freshman Rep. Cori Bush, D-Mo., who represents St. Louis and surrounding areas.

She says America is “racist AF” and there isn’t any fixing it.

Breitbart News reports:

Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) said Sunday that America is 'racist AF' which is why 'a national movement' was kickstarted 'to save Black lives.'

'Our communities wouldn't have needed to spark a national movement to save Black lives if America weren't racist AF,' Bush wrote online, just two days after she praised a 'historic' vote to defund the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department.

Bush, who made repeated calls to defund the police, said late last month during an appearance on ABC's 'The View' that she is working to 'defund our police departments.'

'My push is that we defund our police departments,' Bush said. 'I know people don't want to hear [it and will say], 'Oh, we don't want to talk about defunding.’'

Where in the world did Cori Bush learn to hate her own country so much? 


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