By Duncan Smith

Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., is an accomplished man by any measure.

And he became accomplished, he says, thanks to the plethora of opportunities that exist for all people in America who put forth an effort, regardless of skin color.

There is racism, of course, there is no ‘systemic racism.’

And much of that racism actually comes from the ‘tolerant’ left.

Scott knows of what he speaks.

He was racially attacked by leftists — white and black, but mostly the latter — following his rebuttal speech to Joe Biden’s address to Congress last week.

Fox News has more:

Sen. Tim Scott, who delivered the Republican response to President Biden's address to Congress, said Sunday that “America is not a racist country,” and as both sides of the aisle negotiate police reform at the federal level on Capitol Hill, the goal “isn’t for Republicans or Democrats to win, but for communities to feel safer and our officers to feel respected.”

Scott, a Republican from South Carolina, also contended on an appearance on CBS' “Face the Nation” Sunday that “fighting bigotry with bigotry is hypocrisy,” as Biden last week called on Congress to pass a police reform bill by the one-year anniversary of George Floyd's death, May 25. Scott was the subject of attacks from the left over his rebuttal to the address. 

“I personally understand the pain of being stopped 18 times driving while Black,” Scott said, arguing he brings an “equilibrium” to the conversation. “I also have seen the beauty of when officers go door to door with me on Christmas morning delivering presents to kids in the most underserved communities.”

“America is not a racist country,” he affirmed, arguing that Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and one of the leaders in the House Democrat caucus, Rep. Jim Clyburn, from South Carolina, also agreed.

“The question is, 'Is there a lingering effect after a couple of centuries of racism and discrimination in this nation?' The answer is absolutely,” the senator continued. “The question we should be debating and fighting over is how do we resolve those issues going forward? One side says I’m going to take from some to give to others. Fighting bigotry with bigotry is hypocrisy.”

“If we remember, the goal isn’t for Republicans or Democrats to win, but for communities to feel safer and our officers to feel respected,” Scott told host John Dickerson. “If we can accomplish those two major goals, the rest will be history.”

What a wise man.


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