By Duncan Smith

Joe Biden gave his first address to Congress Wednesday evening.

He tried making a pitch, somewhat, to all Americans.

The fact is, Biden needed to sound a bit of a unity tone because he needs Republicans’ help to finish bankrupting the country with trillions in new spending as he taxes the rich to the point where they will leave the country (and take their money with them).

But he didn’t. He called the riot a “civil war.”


Apparently, Kamala Harris got the memo.

She continued her previous gaslighting of the country by telling the big lie — again — that “insurrection” occurred on Jan. 6 at the Capitol, not a riot or even a protest on the level of what Antifa and BLM did hundreds of times last year and since.

Breitbart News reported:

Vice President Kamala Harris told an audience Thursday just how dark things she felt things were in America when she first took office.

'Our Democracy was under assault and our Capitol had just been attacked by insurgents,' she said, referring to supporters of former President Donald Trump storming Capitol Hill on January 6th.

The line from Harris shares a similar message from President Joe Biden's address to Congress on Wednesday, as he described the riot on Capitol Hill as 'the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.'

These people are openly trying to gaslight our country into a civil conflict. 

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