By Duncan Smith

Readers, you should know that our federal institutions are gone.

They don’t exist anymore as they were founded.

That is especially true of federal law enforcement.

The Justice Department and all its personnel — the FBI, prosecutors, the various divisions — are now nothing more than a Soviet- or Chinese-style politburo in the service of the American Terrorist Party, a.k.a. the Democrats

When Obama was in office, he politicized it and weaponized it against his political enemies, most notably Donald Trump.

The DoJ and FBI sort of went to ground during Trump’s term but they’re back in politburo mode now that the Joe Dementia and his Marxist Handlers are in power, as evidenced by the federal raid on the former president’s former personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, on Wednesday.

USAFeatures News has some details:

Federal authorities have executed a search warrant against Rudy Giuliani, raiding his Upper West Side apartment in New York City on Wednesday in connection to potential criminal dealings in Ukraine.

The New York Times reported that federal authorities confiscated electronic devices belonging to Giuliani, adding that officials with the U.S. District Attorney for the Southern District of New York, an office the former NYC mayor and federal prosecutor used to lead, could not comment on the raid.

The warrant is an escalation of the federal government's investigation into Giuliani over suspicions he illegally lobbied former President Donald Trump on behalf of Ukrainian officials and oligarchs, the Times added.

At the time, Ukrainian officials were reportedly helping Giuliani investigate allegations of illegality and corruption surrounding then-Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, the latter of whom served for years in a lucrative board member position for a Ukrainian energy firm, Burisma, whose officials have been linked to corruption.

According to the Times, investigators tried to secure a search warrant for months, but allegedly Trump appointees at the Justice Department blocked the warrant from being issued.

Did you catch that? During the Trump administration, political appointees did not see any ‘case,’ they saw ‘politics’ — revenge politics, in particular. So they dismissed the probe out of hand because they knew it was BS.

Well, Trump’s gone and Biden’s handlers are in charge.

So it’s time once again to unleash the politburo’s thugs and minions on political opponents, just like the Nazis and Stalinists and Maoists did.

If red states don’t opt out of this non-existent republic and soon, there will be a complete societal breakdown as more Americans dismiss the authority of a very politicized federal government.

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