By Duncan Smith

Well, the numbers are in on Joe Biden’s first televised joint congressional session speech to a nearly empty House are in and it they aren’t what the regime expected, we’re sure of that.

Remember how we were told Biden and Kamala Harris got something north of 80 million votes, the most ever for a president and more than the ‘imminently popular’ Barack Obama?

Remember how we’ve been told that Biden’s approval numbers are through the roof?

Well, those are lies, of course, and not even CNN could hide them.

And this is from a “lean Democratic” sample group.

'The 51% who had a very positive reaction to Biden's speech is a bit more muted than reaction to the first address from other recent presidents,' CNN said about the poll. 'Barack Obama had the strongest first outing of the last four presidents, with 68% saying they had a very positive reaction to his speech, and George W. Bush in 2001 earned a similar 66% very positive. Fewer — 57% — had a very positive reaction to Donald Trump's 2017 address.'

Trump, the heathen, outdid ‘the most popular president of the modern era.’

And these fools wonder why most Americans simply don’t believe a damned thing they hear or see from the Marxist media propagandists.

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