By Duncan Smith

If you’re someone who supports the right of armed self-defense and the Second Amendment but you have yet to make the leap to actually buying a firearm and learning how to use it, you’re running out of time to do so.

Because their is a storm brewing and it is just over the horizon.

You’ve probably noticed that our police departments are literally under siege.

Officers can’t do their jobs — hell, they can’t even defend themselves using deadly force when warranted — if the suspect happens to be the ‘wrong color.’

There is a segment of our population, egged on by the American Terrorist Party, that now believes they have the right to loot, burn, and destroy the civil society when the please, using the lie of ‘systemic racism’ and ‘white supremacy’ as their justification.

Caught up in this literal crossfire are our police departments.

They can’t do anything ‘right.’ They are under constant attack. And the left-wing butt-kissing losers who ‘lead’ them more often throw their own officers under a bus to save their own asses.

It’s disgusting. But more than that, it’s taking a huge toll on public safety in the form of driving good officers out of police work.

Major cities are shedding cops at a rate unseen in U.S. history. Some are getting out altogether; others are going to red states and other jurisdictions where they know leaders have their backs, like Detroit (believe it or not).

Fox News notes just one example, Louisville, Ky., where Breonna Taylor was shot and killed because she was harboring a dirt bag drug dealer:

Nearly 190 cops left the Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) in 2020 and 43 have stepped away from the Kentucky city's agency so far in 2021, either choosing to retire or resign altogether, as law enforcement officials struggle to recruit new members to make up for a deficit in manpower, authorities and a union spokesperson told Fox News on Tuesday.

“I would say that we're in dire straits,” said River City Fraternal Order of Police press secretary Dave Mutchler, speaking to the current condition of LMPD staffing. Mutchler also serves as a spokesperson for the Louisville Metro Officer Union.

Statistics provided by LMPD on Tuesday show the department has hired 26 new members so far this year, while 43 have left. The 1,069-person department falls 255 people short of its “authorized strength” of 1,324 — the number of personnel it is authorized to employ, statistics show.

“Our manpower is critically low,” Mutchler told Fox News. “One thing we have to consider when we’re talking about recruiting is that in the climate that we currently find ourselves, the pool of people wanting to become officers is shrinking every day.”

And this is just one city, folks. This same scenario is playing out in major cities and in major police departments all over America.

And again, this has all been masterminded by the Marxists who have taken over the Democratic Party. 

You see what’s happening here, right? You understand this is only going to get worse, right? More lawlessness, more crime, fewer cops.

At some point, Americans will literally have no one to defend them so we’re going to have to defend ourselves.

In the meantime, Red states must unite against this vile tyranny. Recruit good cops. Pass laws to protect them.

It’s the only hope we have of saving even a portion of America as founded.

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