By Duncan Smith

One of Congress’s most prominent racialists is Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee, D-Texas.

As she so often does, she was crying “racism!” again on CNN Friday morning, this time in response to her home state’s efforts to shore up voter integrity.

She also complained about Georgia’s new voter ID law which is really pretty mild compared to, say, Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware, which has far stricter voting laws.

In any event, Jackson-Lee said:

Is it about race? Yes, it's about race. Is the SB 7 bill about race? Yes, in Texas, it is about race. And that is tragic,' Jackson Lee emphasized. 'And the reason why I say that is they had a solution running for a problem. There were no charges of the question of fraud both in Georgia and in Texas. There was no widespread fraud. There was no discernible fraud. It was minute, if at best. So we asked the legislature, when schoolchildren don't have enough resources to make up for this terrible pandemic, why are they focused immediately on voting rights? It was because they lost the 2020 election, rather than getting back on their feet, putting their issues forward and running. This is truly about race. What do you think about a poll watcher that is not anyone officially connected to the poll, a poll watcher designated by parties having a videotape and watching voters while they're voting? Can you tell me what good news is that? It is intimidation. I've seen it. I've seen it in my congressional district, which is a majority-minority district.

Sure, congresswoman, we’ll tell you why it’s good news: You’re right.

These laws are about race.

Here’s why: As minorities, blacks will become extremely disenfranchised if fake votes and ghost voters are allowed to be counted regardless of who is behind the fraud.

Blacks are already losing their franchise in America — to the tens of millions of illegal aliens currently in the country and the millions more Biden’s Marxist handlers want to bring in.

Pretty soon the ‘black vote’ won’t count for much of anything.

So yea, these voting laws are about race, in a big way.

And blacks should be happy about that.

But they’re not. They’d rather play the race card and ignore the threat to their constituents from mass migration (especially in Texas!) than support efforts to keep members of their demographic enfranchised.

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