By Duncan Smith

The United States went from the strongest superpower on the planet during Donald Trump’s four-year term to the world’s laughing stock in a matter of a single [stolen] election.

Well, okay, not everyone is laughing.

Our allies sure don’t see anything funny about what happened.

And better than half our country isn’t really finding much humor in the situation, either.

But our enemies? You bet your asphalt they are literally ROFL.

While Biden’s handlers concern themselves with ‘the climate’ and ensuring that LGBTQ flags fly along with old glory at U.S. embassies around the world, real men like Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin — who were no match for Trump — are chuckling mightily.

And planning their next moves, as noted by former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

“Chinese communist party, I mean, Xi Jinping must be laughing. When we rejoined the Paris climate accords, it was the biggest gift to the Chinese communist party that America has ever provided them. The chance that they’ll actually honor any commitment that they make in some summit or international gathering today is precisely zero,” he told Fox News Thursday.

“The United States will follow through on this. We’ll destroy jobs. We’ll destroy our economy. And these are the kinds of things that set America backwards and don’t make us more secure,” he added.

He added that everyone wants clean air and clean drinking water, but the Green New Deal isn’t about those things — it’s about “power,” adding that Biden will bow to Xi though his country is one of the worst polluters on the globe.

“And they’re going to penalize good, hard-working Americans in that effort. It’s a complete reverse of America First. They will put this climate change agenda, this progressive agenda ahead of everything, and that will make us here at home much more — or much less secure,” Pompeo said.

Make Americans less rich, our country less secure, and our policies focused on activism instead of what makes us better and stronger.

Get ready for the storm, readers. It’s coming. 

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