By Duncan Smith

As congressional scumbags go, Democrat “Little Dick” Durbin of Illinois is right up at the top of the list.

A poster boy for term limits (and prophylactics), Durbin never stops scheming on behalf of his garbage party.

It’s not like he’s done much to earn the millions American taxpayers have showered him with the decades he’s been been slithering in Washington’s fetid swamp.

There is little he has actually accomplished. He’s just there to be a good little foot soldier for the Marxists who run his party.

His latest ‘assignment’ is to root out political appointees made by President Trump to a key immigration agency within the Department of Justice.

Why? Take a gues. reports:

Sen. Dick Durbin, head of the Judiciary Committee, on Tuesday formally requested more information from the Justice Department about former President Donald Trump's appointees who converted to civil service jobs with an immigration department inside the agency.

In a letter to the DoJ, Durbin, an Illinois Democrat, asked for information about Trump political appointees who were summarily allowed to convert to career jobs within the Executive Office for Immigration Review, which is an influential DoJ division that conducts deportation and removal proceedings in immigration courts around the U.S.

'While I am aware that such conversions have occurred at multiple DOJ components, I took particular note of multiple completed conversions at EOIR,' Durbin wrote.

'Any such conversions to civil service positions at EOIR deserve substantial scrutiny given the Trump Administration's pernicious attempts to implement and enforce an ideological agenda by politicizing the immigration court system,' Durbin said in a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland, which was leaked to NBC News.

'As you are aware, problematic conversions can undermine the nonpartisan nature of the federal government's career workforce, particularly when individuals convert to high-level civil service positions from political postings,' Durbin continued.

'In addition to raising the specter of a politicized career workforce, such situations also call into question the fairness of the civil service hiring process,' the Illinois Democrat added.

The process is called “burrowing,” so you know if they have a name for it, Trump ain’t the only president to have gotten his people into key positions within the federal government.

But of course, when Democrats do it, that’s okay; it’s only when Republicans and especially Trump do it that it’s not okay.

And besides, having America Firsters in immigration positions is a big impediment to Joe Biden’s Marxist handlers; they want to flood the country with low-wage replacement voters they can control forever.

Every day brings us closer to collapse under Democratic rule. There will be a price to pay.

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