By Duncan Smith

It should be exceedingly clear by now that Democrats don’t give a damn about the stability of our country or the survival of our institutions.

They trash our culture. They trash our history. They declare America racist beyond repair or absolve.

They approve of looting and rioting as long as it isn’t the U.S. Capitol Building where some of them work.

And they don’t believe in justice, as the gaslighting coward mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, has just proven.

As jurors in the trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin prepare to render their verdict, this little puke went on record to say that if they don’t find him guilty of murder, he’s still a murderer anyway, which of course puts a massive target on Chauvin’s back for some left-wing lunatic to act upon.

Newsmax reports:

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said George Floyd was killed “at the hands of the police,” no matter what verdict is reached in the trial of the former cop charged in his death.

Frey’s comments…came during a Monday press conference while the jury continues its deliberations about Derek Chauvin’s guilt.

Floyd’s death in police custody in May 2020 went viral after bystander video showed Chauvin restraining the 46-year-old with his knee on his neck for several minutes. The prosecution says Chauvin caused Floyd’s death while Chauvin’s defense lawyer has argued Floyd died due to heart issues that were exacerbated by the presence of methamphetamine and fentanyl in his system.

“As we await the verdict, there are several inescapable truths,” Frey told reporters. “Over this last year, our twin cities have experienced a barrage of trauma, all culminating with this trial and then the verdict. There's been pain and anguish, anguish and frustration that is undoubtedly acutely felt by our black and brown communities.”

He added: “Regardless of the outcome of this trial, regardless of the decision made by the jury, there is one true reality, which is that George Floyd was killed at the hands of the police.”

There can be nothing more irresponsible than this coming from any public official, period.

But Democrats don’t give a damn about regular order or due process or keeping our legal institutions intact. They want to see the ‘wrong people’ punished, period, due process be damned.

Here this, America: Democrats would rather rule over the ashes of our republic from on high than allow anyone else to govern, ever. 

And they have decided to keep pouring gasoline on our societal fires until they burn the entire country to the ground.

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