By Duncan Smith

The NBA went all-in for the Black Lives Matter messaging last season because the league’s players are mostly black millionaires and team owners are cowards.

The decision cost the league dearly in terms of viewers.

BLM on courts. BLM on warm-up t-shirts. BLM messaging on uniforms. They should have changed the NBA to the BLM league.

Naturally, the left-wing woke hacks in the sports media attributed the 49 percent drop in ratings in many markets (and for the finals which just happened to feature the league’s star player, LeBron James) to ‘something else.’

Nah, it wasn’t the BLM messaging because the whole world is on board with that Marxist message.

Except that it isn’t.

Of course the heavy reliance on calling all non-black fans racists had something to do with the drop. The NBA’s commissioner, Adam Silver, all but admitted as much when, after very bad playoff ratings, he declared ” that those messages will largely be left to be delivered off the floor.”

”And I understand those people who are saying 'I'm on your side, but I want to watch a basketball game,'” he added.

But the players continue to cling to their messaging that America is inherently racist — even those white fools who continue to pay big money for tickets to their games.

Looks like they aren’t anymore, though. Working white folks can only stand to be called racists by black millionaires playing a game just so many times.

Breitbart News reports:

The NBA has suffered another ratings disaster, with ABC falling 45 percent since the 2011-12 season, while TNT was down 40 percent, and ESPN was off 20 percent.

This ratings tumble is nothing new, granted. The past two NBA finals each have fallen one over the other, with last year's down 51 percent to an all-time low for the championships. The worst was the final game, off nearly 70 percent year-over-year.

So far, the average viewership for the league's games is only 2.83 million, according to The Athletic. For comparison, recent episodes of the NBC crime drama, The Blacklist, average about 3.3 million viewers, while one of ABC's biggest shows, medical drama, The Good Doctor, averages just over four million per week. Historically, sports out earns any regular TV series.

The NBA's collapse may not be surprising in light of recent polls finding that basketball fans feel that the league has become far too wrapped up in politics.

In September, a Harris poll found that 39 percent of respondents who identified as sports fans felt that the NBA had become too political, and 19 percent said that they had turned off pro basketball because of the NBA's deep links to China.

Guess what happens to professional sports leagues who can no longer draw fans? They go under.

And suddenly, multimillionaire player-advocates are out on the street looking for work.

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