By Duncan Smith

Hunter Biden is certainly a chip off the ol’ block.

His dad has spent his entire adult life in Washington sponging off taxpayers and accomplishing nothing of substance.

Both times he’s ‘made it to the top’ he did so because he was ‘there’ not because he was the ‘right man for the job.’

Joe Biden is the ultimate empty suit: Unaccomplished, malleable, predicable. Literally no contributor to our country in any way.

His son is actually a lot less that that because at least his dad put forth the effort to run for office (though his reelections were never in doubt).

Hunter Biden is, by comparison, the ultimate coattails kid: Everything he has he had gotten because of his father’s name.

Nothing he has done has contributed anything positive to our country.

He got kicked out of the Navy because he couldn’t keep a crack pipe out of his pie hole.

He bedded his late brother’s widow.

He grifted tens of millions from s**tbags in Ukraine and China.

Now he can’t even take responsibility for any of it.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Hunter Biden dodged questions about his efforts to strike a business deal with a Chinese Communist Party-linked company, saying in a new interview that he could not recall emails about payment proposals with references to his family. He also falsely cast a U.S. intelligence community report as determining such stories, which emerged at the end of the 2020 campaign, as a 'Russian operation from the get-go.'

In his memoir, Beautiful Things, the president’s 51-year-old son devoted a chapter to defending his work for Ukrainian gas giant Burisma Holdings, but he largely avoided the controversy surrounding his attempted deal-making in China. Concerns about Biden gained broader attention in late 2020 after multiple outlets reported that he was being federally investigated in connection with his taxes in potential relation to his overseas business with China.

He was briefly asked about these business efforts on the Daily Beast's The New Abnormal podcast, published on Friday, when left-wing pundit Molly Jong-Fast referenced a series of emails from 2017 that were found in the laptop and hard drive believed to have belonged to Biden, saying the conversation “involved China's largest private energy company.' She asked about the emails in which 'renumeration' was discussed, along with Hunter's proposed pay of '850' (or $850,000), as well as a separate email in which Biden told a Chinese businessman that a potential deal was 'interesting for me and my family.'

Jong-Fast asked, “Do you remember this, and does this ring any bells?'

'I literally don't know what you're even referring to. Is it from me?' Biden replied.

Jesse Cannon, the podcast's producer, responded, 'This email is sent by you, and it does refer to these things though.'

Biden steered away from the question and sought to pin it on a Kremlin conspiracy, but in doing so, he contorted a specific finding of a recent U.S. intelligence report that related to him.

'Yeah, guys, I don't have it in front of me, but I do know this. … My dad was never involved in any of my business, period. One hundred percent. Never even considered to be part of anything that I've ever done in business — with complete certainty,' Biden said.

'And I am 100% — I welcome the question, because that's the answer. The narrative that has been created has been one that I think over time is not going to hold up very well, which you can see — I don't spend a lot of time on it, but, you know, there's an intelligence report from all of our intelligence agencies that has come to the conclusion that this was a Russian operation from the get-go.'

What an unbelievable coward and liar this piece of garbage is.

Our intelligence agencies have concluded that there is no evidence Russia hacked this fool’s laptop.

The pictures are his. The emails are from him. The materials belong to him. And he knows it.

What a freaking loser Hunter Biden is. And he’ll get away with everything because we don’t have a functional justice system any longer.

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