By Duncan Smith

The U.S. military is the only remaining institution that hasn’t been completely infiltrated by the Marxist left.


It’s obvious the Democrat-beholden left has a foothold in the military, as seen by woke stupidity demonstrated by top leaders like Sgt. Major of the Army Michael Grinston.

Just this week he complimented a 2nd lieutenant who disregarded and disrespected civilian authority in December by refusing to pull over for two Virginia police officers, then disobeying their orders to the point where they, fearing for their own safety, were forced to take action with pepper spray and handcuffs.

Grinston thought it was just great that this Army officer (who is black, of course) disobeyed civilian authority.

Grinston’s bio says: “Developing engaged leaders who build cohesive teams that are highly trained, disciplined, and mentally/physically fit.”

We highlighted “disciplined” because it wasn’t very “disciplined” of the Army lieutenant to refuse to follow the orders of civilian police officers. What happens when lower-ranking men and women in Grinston’s command disregard his orders? Or what if lower-ranking troops now see Grinston’s statement excusing the behavior of the lieutenant as ‘it’s okay to disregard cops if we think we are right’?

It’s just at this level that our military is beginning to fail.

‘Wokeness’ is permeating the Pentagon at every level. And a new report on Saturday finds that ‘integrity’ and ‘honor’ — two characteristics all soldiers are supposed to adopt — are fading fast at West Point, the U.S. Military Academy, where the Army trains many of its top officers.

Just the News reports:

The United States Military Academy at West Point, one of the most storied institutions of higher education in the United States, is currently dealing with what is reportedly one of the worst cheating scandals there over the past decade, with dozens of cadets implicated in an academic dishonesty scheme that took place during remote learning.

The academy this month “concluded investigations into its largest cheating scandal in at least four decades” in which “it punished dozens of cadets found to be dishonest on an exam while studying remotely,” the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday.

As part of its response to the controversy, the school is reportedly ending its “willful admission process,” a rule by which cadets can admit to wrongdoing and potentially avoid expulsion. “It's clear to me, it has to go,” Superintendent Lt. Gen. Darryl Williams told the Journal.

Cheating at the academy.

‘Wokeness’ infiltrating the ranks.

Rewarding an officer’s bad behavior.

Setting exactly the wrong example for lower-ranking troops.

We’re going to get our asses kicked by the Chinese or the Russians at some point very soon, and Americans are going to demand answers from their military leaders as to how it could have happened.

Worse, the woke Marxist buffoons running Joe Biden’s administration don’t see anything wrong.

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