By Duncan Smith

It’s truly amazing how many leftist journalists who have never had to put on a police uniform, strap on a gun, and go out and enforce laws become experts at policing when an incident occurs they don’t like.

Over the past week, we’ve learned that a 13-year-old Chicago boy and a 20-year-old many in Brooklyn Center, Minn., were shot and killed by police.

Two completely different situations, but the same result: A dead young black male.

Enter the outraged white liberal.

Never mind that both of these deceased youngsters were resisting arrest. Never mind that the 13-year-old was armed or that he was out on the street in Chicago at 2 o’clock in the morning. Never mind that there is a culture problem among young, black males in our Democrat-run cities that no one dares speak about.

It’s always the cops’ fault when things go bad. Always.

Except that it isn’t.

But the only thing worse than pasty white liberal writers pontificating about these incidents is listening to these clueless morons tell us ‘what cops out to be doing.’

Enter New York Times David Brooks.

He knows there is “racial bias in policing.” He knows it. He doesn’t have any data to back it up other than citing other people who make the same claim (without any hard data to back them up). He just knows.

Also, police techniques to subdue suspects and actually perform a ‘protect the public’ functions are all outmoded as well as racist, you see, because of the millions of encounters between the police and the public annually, a few end up with someone dead.

Often it is the police officer. But what does Brooks care? He just knows stuff about policing though he’s never done it.

In an interview with PBS NewsHour on Friday, he gave us a glimpse of his incredible, infallible insight into “How To Be A Better Police Officer 101”:

'Well, the first thing that needs to change is, we do need to accept that there is racial bias in policing. The good news is, if you do take some reforms, you can make some progress. There's been a sharp drop in the number of shootings of unarmed people. Armed people, it's still pretty stable, but unarmed people, we've made some progress. So, there are things that can be done. And those are things like removing chokeholds. Those are things like — a little idea that I kind of like is, you have to have written permission to search a car, these things called pretextual stops, where they stop a car on the pretext of one thing, when they're really looking for something else. Data is very poorly collected. … There are these things called police officers' bill of rights which are in a lot of state legislatures that police unions have instituted that create all these artificial barriers to investigating an incident, that a cop has to be punished within 30 or 100 days, and if it's too late, then he's off.'

American patriots concerned about their country had better be hitting the gym and making preparations for ‘Every Day Is The Purge’ because that kind of chaos, at least in many parts of our country, is coming.

When these left-wing idiots run off all the police, there won’t be anyone left to protect us from societal collapse.

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