By Duncan Smith

America has a lot of truly lousy cities, all of them run by Democrats.

America has several problematic states, all of them run by Democrats.

But the worst of the worst is the one place Democrats want to turn into another Democrat-run state: Washington, D.C.

That’s according to a newly released survey.

Breitbart News has the details:

Americans have ranked Washington, D.C., as the 'worst place in the country,' according to a recent survey.

The YouGov poll put two states together in head-to-head matches, and ranked all 50 states plus D.C. on their 'win percentage.'

D.C. ranked in last place, only winning 35 percent of its matchups. The pollsters said D.C.'s last-place finish could be due to its stature as the political capital of the U.S. or the fact that it is not a state.

D.C. has been fighting for statehood for years, and the House voted last year in favor of granting it such status. The measure has also garnered support from Senate Democrats.

Other low-ranking states include Mississippi, Alabama, and New Jersey — which has been the butt of jokes due to 'its occasional odor or for being the birthplace of The Jersey Shore franchise.'

The best place was another Democrat-run state, Hawaii — but when you have that kind of weather all the time, the place could be run by cannibals and it still would have won.

The point is, the nation’s capital is the worst place in our country.

That says everything about the party that runs it.

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