By Duncan Smith

What do you get when you, as a prosecutor, refuse to prosecute thugs who burn and plunder your city?

Repeat offenders who are empowered to do whatever the hell they want because they know they will get away with it.

Welcome to Portland, Oregon, circa 2021.

After years of getting away with it, Antifa thugs have been attacking infrastructure and creating chaos in the city for years, but it really ramped up last year after the anarchists who belong to that terrorist organization who caused mayhem and damage and death while pretending to care about George Floyd.

When Donald Trump was in office, his Justice Department actually made arrests and levied charges against Antifa thugs caught attacking federal buildings like courthouses.

But the Biden regime is in power now, and combined with the ‘progressive’ Marxists who refuse to be prosecutors in Portland, the attacks have begun anew.

The Epoch Times reports:

Rioters in Portland, Oregon, tried to set fire to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) building on Saturday night, according to video footage and local journalists.

Video footage uploaded on Twitter by several users showed a fire burning at the entrance to the building.

Rioters were also seen shooting off Roman candles at the building. And a small fire was seen in the ICE building's driveway, footage showed. The individuals were then seen placing wood and pallets on top of the small fire. According to one uploader, 'many windows have been smashed.'

Freelance journalist Chris Landis reported that police and protesters faced off outside the ICE building. Federal agents reportedly used pepper balls in an attempt to disperse the crowd, according to freelance journalists on the scene.

Later, he wrote: 'The ICE building has been set on fire.'

Never mind that these anarchists are costing taxpayers millions.

Never mind that Democrats in Washington don’t care about federal buildings being attacked when they aren’t occupying them.

These Antifa terrorists are getting valuable real-world combat training they are exporting to other parts of the country.

When the s**t starts for real, they will be well-trained and ready. The sheep, however, won’t be.

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