By Duncan Smith

By the time Joe Biden and his Marxist handlers are out of power — if that even happens — America will have undergone a transition that we likely won’t ever recover from, without revolution or secession, at least.

The regime is engaged in a purposeful plan to import a massive amount of non-white poor migrants from the third world.

And what’s more, Biden is going to pay these countries to send their poor to us.

Yes, that’s correct.

Anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows why we are currently dealing with a crisis along the southwest border.

It has nothing to do with ‘gangs’ and ‘crime’ and ‘persecution’ or any of that BS in their home countries.

If that were the case, then nothing that Donald Trump did to control the border influx would have worked.

No, they are coming because Biden told them to come. He said during the campaign he’d let them in, and his actions as ‘president’ — getting rid of all of Trump’s border enforcement rules — makes Biden’s open-border policies official.

So they come. By the hundreds of thousands.

And as a reward, Biden is set to pay off Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador.

The Epoch Times reports:

The Biden administration is considering sending cash to Central American countries to alleviate economic problems that motivate their citizens to leave for the United States.

Alongside the conditional cash transfer program, they are also considering sending CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus vaccines to those countries, the White House's southern border coordinator Roberta Jacobson told Reuters.

She didn't specify which entity would be potentially obtaining the cash, but the program in consideration is aimed at people from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, which make up for the vast majority of illegal immigration presently occurring at the border.

'We're looking at all of the productive options to address both the economic reasons people may be migrating, as well as the protection and security reasons,' said the White House official.

Jacobson didn't explain to Reuters how exactly the program would function but said that they won't be handing out checks to people.

'The one thing I can promise you is the U.S. government isn't going to be handing out money or checks to people,' Jacobson, who announced she will be leaving the White House at the end of the month, said.

The part about handing out checks to people is true; these ‘checks’ are going directly to the governments of the Northern Triangle countries, who will use them to pad their own pockets.

America is being invaded, flat out, at the behest of the current administration.

This isn’t going to end well.

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