By Duncan Smith

Prior to Election Day, conservatives were warning that Joe Biden would really just be the figurehead to a third term for Barack Obama.

A lot of people laughed about that, claiming that Biden would be his own man and run his own presidency.

Well, the joke is actually on them.

Not only has Biden surrounded himself with Obama sycophants like Susan Rice, Biden and Obama are in regular contact, according to The Epoch Times, which reported Tuesday:

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said on Tuesday that former President Barack Obama speaks regularly with President Joe Biden, in response to a reporter's question during a daily briefing.

A reporter asked Psaki if Biden had spoken to Obama about how to pass the much-discussed infrastructure bill and if Obama had given him any advice on getting it through Congress.

'They speak regularly,' she told reporters. 'They of course were president and vice president but they are also friends and they share a bond of serving through eight years of the Obama-Biden administration but also a personal friendship and kinship.'

'But we're not going to read out those calls,' Psaki added.

Let’s be honest here: Obama isn’t talking to Biden, Obama is talking to Biden’s handlers. Joe’s just in the room for looks.

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