By Duncan Smith

Any American with a functional brain stem knows that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris didn’t get 81 million votes.

They couldn’t fill small venues on the campaign trail.

Harris couldn’t even manage to remain in the presidential race long enough to get halfway through the field before she had to drop out.

Biden doesn’t inspire and nobody really likes Harris.

So this BS that they are ‘more popular than ever’ is just that — BS.

And now we have proof.

Breitbart News reports:

President Biden’s disapproval is on the rise, hitting 51 percent Monday, according to Rasmussen Reports’ April 5 tracking poll.

Monday’s numbers showed Biden’s approval under water, standing at 47 percent. Of those, 29 percent “strongly” approve. His disapproval, however, stood at 51 percent. Of those, 42 percent “strongly” disapprove. His 51 percent disapproval marks a two-point rise since March 31, although he hit 51 percent disapproval on March 25 and 26 as well.

The results coincide with the political fallout Biden has continued to face over his handling of the immigration crisis on the southern border. He recently experienced a 14 percent net swing against his immigration approval rating amid the migrant surge on the southern border.

Biden is not the most popular president ever. That was a lie when the deep state started telling it and it’s become apparent now.

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