By Duncan Smith

The chances that Hunter Biden was going to be indicted for anything even if Donald Trump had won reelection (we know, he did) were slim anyway, but now that his daddy is president the chances have become zilch.

And Hunter himself let everyone know that this weekend.

Fox News reports:

Hunter Biden said he’s “100% certain” that he’ll be cleared of any wrongdoing in a Department of Justice investigation into his finances during an interview Sunday.

The “CBS Sunday Morning” interview came ahead of the scheduled Tuesday release of Biden’s memoir “Beautiful Things.”

The president’s son said he couldn’t go into much detail regarding the investigation.

“But I can say this: I’m cooperating completely. And I’m absolutely certain — I’m 100% certain — that at the end of the investigation, I will be cleared of any wrongdoing,” he said. “And all I can do is cooperate and trust in the process.”

“Trust the process.”  Yes, Americans are well aware of “the process” when it comes to the privileged left-wing elite.

Remember when Hillary Clinton proclaimed essentially the same thing ahead of the 2016 election — that there was zero chance she would be indicted? Yeah, she was right, too.

Any American who continues to believe the elites are not subject to different legal standards is just kidding themselves at this point.

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