By Duncan Smith

Patriotic Americans who love our country and who support law and order and concepts like free and fair elections have got to accept something they don’t want to accept.

The Left has completely stolen our culture. And there’s no getting it back.

The latest evidence: Major League Baseball, ‘America’s Pastime,’ has just caved to the left-wing woke mob.

Just like the NFL caved last year to the America-hating BLM thugs who require allegiance by crapping all over the American flag and all it stands for.

Breitbart News has more:

Major League Baseball is moving its All-Star Game from Atlanta in response to a recently passed voting reform law in Georgia, ESPN reports.

MLB issued a press release announcing the move on Friday.

Last month, Major League Baseball Players Association President Tony Clark said that his union members wanted to relocate the game after Georgia passed the voter reform bill.

'Players are very much aware' of the Georgia voting bill, Clark told the Boston Globe. 'As it relates to the All-Star Game, we have not had a conversation with the league on that issue – if there is an opportunity to, we would look forward to having that conversation.'

Now mind you, the claim that the Georgia voter ID law is ‘Jim Crow 2.0’ and discriminates against black people is complete and utter bulls**t.

There is no way the GOP would pass any legislation that intentionally discriminates against anyone.

Democrats would — they would pass laws that discriminated against all white Trump supporters. But the GOP wouldn’t.

So this crap move by the MLB is nothing more than cowardice and virtue signaling, with the league betting that American conservatives upset by the decision will watch anyway.

You shouldn’t. Many people gave up on the NFL last year and they’re never coming back.

Understand that these Marxists are forcing half the country to divorce us, to separate from us. Not the other way around.

Red state America should oblige and just go our own separate way. To hell with people who want to do bad things to us and punish us simply because we disagree.

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