By Duncan Smith

Nobody wanted a “President Kamala Harris” during the primary season.

That much is self-evident.

She was one of the first Democratic presidential contenders in a crowded field of nearly two dozen to drop out.

She’s just not likeable.

She’s smug. Arrogant. Irritating. Power-hungry. And all of that is obvious to the vast majority of Republicans and Democrats.

But because the deep state does what it damn well pleases, regardless of what We the People say or want, we’re about to get one anyway.

The transition is now officially underway.

The biggest crisis facing the country right now is the humanitarian disaster Joe Biden’s handlers created on purpose to crash our immigration system like Cloward and Piven prescribe.

And Harris is now in charge of ‘managing’ it, not the designated president of the United States.

Breitbart News reports:

President Joe Biden announced Wednesday his plan to put Vice President Kamala Harris in charge of the migrant crisis on the southern border.

'I can think of nobody who is better qualified to do this,' Biden said after making the announcement at the White House.

Biden shifted the responsibility for the crisis to his vice president as it threatens to overshadow his achievements in fighting the coronavirus and his massive $1.9 trillion spending package. He delegated full power to her team.

'When she speaks, she speaks for me,' Biden said. 'Doesn't have to check with me. She knows what she's doing and I hope we can move this along.'

Biden acknowledged he had given Harris a 'tough job' but noted she was 'smiling' as he turned the event over to her.

'Thank you, Mr. President, and for having the confidence in me,' Harris said. 'There's no question this is a challenging situation.'

Unreal. We are living in unprecedented times; the greatest, most powerful country on the planet is being ruled by a secretive cabal while our country seethes with racial and cultural tension and our enemies plan their next moves.

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