By Duncan Smith

The establishment political class likes to claim that there is a ‘civil war’ within the Republican Party.

There are divisions, for sure, but there is no ‘war’ within. Just a couple dozen RINOs who love the parties and the establishment atmosphere in D.C. than they do Republican ideals.

But the bigger faction belongs to Donald Trump, and there is no question about that.

And what’s more, he knows it.

During a conversation with Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe for her first podcast on Monday, Trump made some big, bold statements about the future of the party.

His party.

'We have a lot of young, good people,' Trump explained after Boothe asked about the GOP’s future. '[Florida Gov.] Ron DeSantis is doing a really good job in Florida. I think [Missouri Sen.] Josh Hawley has shown some real courage in going after big tech.'

'And you know somebody that's been really terrific is Ted Cruz … And [Kentucky Sen.] Rand Paul has been great. A lot of people, I mean, really a lot of people have been terrific. [Former White House press secretary] Sarah Huckabee is going to do great in Arkansas. I think that [South Dakota Gov.] Kristi Noem has done a terrific job. A lot of – a lot of very good people, really very good people. The Republican party is stacked,' he added.

'There's a pretty deep bench,' he told Boothe. 'I'll make that decision sometime later, but there's a pretty deep bench. If you look at the polls, they love the job that I've done.'

The first candidate Trump endorsed newly-elected Rep. Julia Letlow of Louisiana, who just won a special election after her husband won the seat in November but then died suddenly in December.

And he has other Republicans he’s going to back.

Trump will own the GOP by the 2022 election. And Republicans in his MAGA mold will win election after election.

That’s how we take our country back.

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