By Duncan Smith

There is one main reason why migrants are flooding illegally across our southern border right now.

Joe Biden reversed nearly all of President Trump’s border enforcement policies.

No sooner than he sat down behind the Resolute Desk, Biden began signing a series of executive actions pre-prepared by his handlers.

He signed orders ending Trump’s border wall construction, his “Remain in Mexico” policy, and his agreements with Central American nations forcing citizens of those countries to apply for U.S. asylum at home, not at our border.

That’s why we have a new border crisis.

But a moron who works for MSNBC and NBC thinks there is another reason for it.

The climate.

'It doesn't matter what any president says. Migrants who are fleeing desperation are gonna come to the United States,' Jacob Soboroff told “The View” on Monday regarding Biden’s plea to migrants to get them to stop coming.

'President Trump, after the separation policy — which was defined as 'torture' by Physicians for Human Rights, there is no stronger message than, 'We're gonna separate you from your family on purpose,' to scare people away,' Soboroff continued, claiming that more people were flocking to the U.S. border in 2019 than are coming today (this is false, as Biden's own DHS secretary, Mayorkas, says the current surges are 'historic' and 'unprecedented).

'What really pushes people here is violence, and persecution, and corruption in their home countries, and as I've seen with my own eyes malnutrition, and starvation, and extreme poverty,' the correspondent and author of 'Separated: Inside an American Tragedy,' continued.

All of those conditions, Soboroff further claimed, are often 'exacerbated by the effects of climate change and climate variability.'

Really? The climate?

What a bunch of mindless BS.

Biden’s open borders policies are causing this crisis, not the climate.

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