By Duncan Smith

It’s another Democratic administration and once again, migrant kids are being wrapped in tinfoil-like blankets and stuffed into cages.

It’s part of the latest bid to flood and overwhelm the system, Cloward-Piven style, and then declare that they must take control to get control.

Then we never get our country back.

But some Republicans who usually roll over for this kind of Democrat power grab aren’t rolling this time.

They include Sen. Susan Collins of Maine.

She is questioning how it is feasible to do an amnesty bill when Biden can’t even gain control of the border first.

'Many of us support giving a path to citizenship,' to younger illegal migrants, Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME), told Politico. 'But now the border is such a disaster that I don't see how you can do just a bill to deal with [that].”

'There's no scenario I would support even what we called the SUCCEED Act, which was a path to citizenship for the [Dreamers], without it being paired with border security,' [Sen. Thom] Tillis said, referring to the GOP alternative to the DREAM Act that he had endorsed.

'I'm in the bipartisan group, but we haven't touched it,' said Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.). 'There's a problem that needs to be fixed, but I don't think we're anywhere near stepping up to it right now.'

'The concern is, as soon as you bring something up to even start discussing it [an amnesty], you're going to get a surge,' [Sen. James] Lankford said. 'So if you're not ready to really do it, you shouldn't play with that. I don't hear us ready to do it.'

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