By Duncan Smith

Thanks to Joe Biden’s open borders policies, migrants by the tens of thousands are headed to our southern border again.

It’s a humanitarian crisis already, and Biden hasn’t even been in office 90 days.

Migrant families and especially unaccompanied minors are being stuffed into holding facilities wherever ICE officials can put them.

It’s not ICE’s fault of the fault of the Border Patrol or CBP.

It’s Joe Biden’s fault. He reversed all of Trump’s border enforcement policies and now the floodgates are open again.

Kamala Harris was asked about whether she planned to visit the border any time soon, since Joe won’t go.

She cackled like she is prone to do whenever she is put in a tough position.

It is a cackle that infuriates people, which helps explain how she barely managed to get 1 percent of the vote during the Democratic primaries.

What a pathetic, disgusting, lousy human being.

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