By Duncan Smith

It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen.

You may have heard that the Biden regime is spending $86 million to put illegal alien families up in hotels along the U.S.-Mexico border.

They are putting them there because Biden’s open-border policies have led to the current border crisis.

A few months back, in order to feed into her fear porn following the Capitol riot, Nancy Pelosi pushed to have tens of thousands of National Guard troops come to D.C. to protect everyone from the ‘Trump militias’ and ‘armies of white supremacists’ who don’t exist.

But nobody was getting Guard troops hotel rooms.

In fact, some were being kicked out of rooms. And the Capitol itself.

And then made to sleep in a parking garage as temps hovered below 40.

Why, pray tell, would the lunatics in the Democratic Party and the White House allow that? Oh, and also allow them to be fed contaminated chow?

Inquiring minds wanted to know.

Watch this hack spin and spin and spin…

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