By Duncan Smith

In case you haven’t heard, Joe Biden fell earlier today trying to ascend the steps to Air Force One.

Because he knows his mental capacity is leaving him rapidly, he thinks by doing stupid things like trotting up steps will make it seem as though his mental capacity isn’t leaving him rapidly.

And obviously no one, not even his wife, has the gonads to tell him to knock it off.

Dear God. Joe Biden is a massive national security risk. 

I’ll explain.

Do you know who’s watching this man make a fool of himself and buffoons out of every American whether or not they voted for him?

That’s right: Our enemies.

Vladimir Putin. Xi Jinping. The Ayatollah. Kim Jong-un. And their allies

It’s no wonder the Chinese essentially gave Biden’s foreign policy and defense team the middle finger — on our soil, in Anchorage, Alaska — this week when they met.

It’s no wonder that Kim Jong-un isn’t bothering to return Biden’s phone calls.

It’s no wonder the Iranians are launching missiles in the Middle East.

It’s no wonder Putin challenged Biden to a public debate.

Every single day Joe Biden remains in office, our country gets weaker and our enemies are emboldened to act.

And they will act. We are going to be tested in ways we’ve not been tested in decades.

Our enemies see their window of opportunity opening.

And each time Biden forgets where he is, calls Kamala “President Harris,” and busts his knees on the steps to Air Force One, they get closer to acting.

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