By Duncan Smith

Political insiders in D.C. marvel at Nancy Pelosi’s ‘cunning, tactical, political savvy.’

Frankly, we think she’s a horrible human being.

She’s definitely a political animal, no doubt about it.

But that’s not a good thing. She’s the worst of the swamp creatures in D.C.

The worst.

Remember just a few short weeks ago how she and her garbage party accused Republicans who were objecting, legally, to bogus election results in battleground states of trying to wreck our democracy and tank our republic?

Of trying to ‘steal the election’ from Joe Biden?

Yeah, that was just BS. But worse, it was gaslighting BS.

Because now Pelosi is leading an effort to steal an election from Republicans.

Fox News reported:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said “of course” there’s a scenario where the state-certified victory of Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks, R-Iowa, is overturned as the House Administration Committee reviews Miller-Meeks’ narrow 2020 election win1.

“Could you see a scenario? We don’t do press conferences on ‘can you see a scenario.’ Of course! Of course!” Pelosi said during a press conference on Thursday. “I respect the work of the committee. … We’ll see where that takes us. There could be a scenario to that extent.”

Democrat Rita Hart lost to Miller-Meeks by six votes out of more than 400,000 ballots cast — a less than 1% margin of victory — prompting Hart to petition the election results with Congress in late December.

The House Administration Committee tabled a motion to dismiss a petition contesting the election results of Iowa's 2nd Congressional District Wednesday, setting up the committee to review the closest race in the 2020 general election. …

Instead of challenging the election's results in an Iowa courtroom, Hart lodged her complaint with Congress, claiming that her campaign identified 22 voters in the 2nd District who voted legally, but whose ballots were not included in the final tally. …

Despite the close race, Iowa state officials certified the election's results and Miller-Meeks was provisionally sworn into Congress on Jan. 3.

So, got that? State officials in Iowa have certified this election and determined Miller-Meeks the winner.

But no. Pelosi wants to steal a GOP seat. So she’s going to try and do it.

Which brings us to something Pelosi said a couple of years ago.

'I just don't even know why there aren't uprisings all over the country, and maybe there will be when people realize that this is a policy that they defend,' then-House Minority Leader Pelosi said during a press conference in regards to then-President Trump’s immigration enforcement policies.

The biggest problem with Democrats is their big mouths: They say stuff like that, the garbage media lets them get away with it, and then everyone pretends like no one ever said something so outrageous.

But she did say it.

And now, as she attempts to do her best impression of Josef Stalin, these words of hers come roaring back to mind.

It may be time to make her and her Democrat power-hungry comrades eat their words if they get away with what they’re planning.

Enough already. These Democrats are criminals at heart.

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