By Duncan Smith

Nearly five years ago, the pieces of deep state trash within the Obama administration were plotting how to trip up a Republican presidential candidate they obviously were concerned about.

His name: Donald Trump.

As a candidate, no sooner that Trump jumped into the crowded GOP field he took the lead over the rest and never relinquished it.

He promised things that presidential candidates aren’t supposed to promise — namely, to ‘drain the swamp.’

To build a border wall.

To devolve power away from D.C. and back to the people.

Obama and the Deep State couldn’t deal with that.

Over generations, they had amassed power in Washington and they weren’t about to relinquish it to a reality TV show host and billionaire real estate developer.

So they plotted to take him out.

They schemed. They planned. They broke laws. They tossed out rules. And they did it with the full expectation that they would get away with it.

Maybe they will. And maybe they won’t.

The man assigned to investigate the origins of Obama’s ‘Spygate’ plot against Trump may actually, and finally, be getting close to wrapping up his investigation into the criminality behind the FBI’s targeting of Trump.

The Conservative Brief reports:

Though most of Donald Trump's supporters have written off the investigation into the origins of the FBI's phony 'Russian collusion' investigation of his 2016 campaign, special prosecutor John Durham has been continuing his probe, which is now entering its final phase.

Whether or not anyone is going to be charged for lying to Congress about the faulty premise of the investigation or to federal judges who heard requests for surveillance warrants remains to be seen.

But according to Just the News' John Solomon, Durham's been plugging away diligently behind the scenes.

In fact, according to testimony last week from FBI Director Christopher Wray, further disciplinary actions against some FBI and Justice Department officials may even have been delayed at Durham's request so he could continue his investigation. 

Just the News’ John Solomon added:

All expectations were that Durham would wrap up his probe with final indictments and/or a report last fall after a plea deal was reached with former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith, who admitted he falsified a document submitted to substantiate an application for a surveillance warrant targeting the Trump campaign.

But FBI Director Chris Wray revealed Tuesday that the entire process — including the bureau's ability to discipline agents involved in the Russia case — was slowed down at Durham's request because of continuing concerns about potential criminality. 

'Because we are cooperating fully with Mr. Durham's investigation, at his request we had slowed that process down to allow his criminal investigation to proceed,' Wray told the Senate Judiciary Committee.

'So at the moment, that process is still underway in order to make sure we are being appropriately sensitive to the criminal investigation,' Wray added.

Durham is getting close to indictments, that much is obvious.

But the question remains: Will Biden’s Justice Department, now being led by AG Merrick Garland, ‘allow’ charges to be filed against fellow deep state ‘club members’?

Bottom line: If these criminals aren’t allowed to be pursued, Biden and his Democrat Marxists may as well kiss goodbye any remaining credible authority they think they have to govern.

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