By Duncan Smith

So, what’s happened to Vice President Mike Pence since leaving office?

We know he hasn’t been in the public’s eye much.

He declined an invite to speak at CPAC.

So…where’s he been? Is he out of politics?


As the Washington Times reports, Pence has just been laying low.

But he’s planning a political comeback, and frankly that is good for conservatives and pro-Trump supporters.

The Washington Times reports:

Saul Anuzis, president of the 60 Plus Association and former chairman of the Michigan Republican Party, said it would have been 'way too early' for Mr. Pence to reemerge at CPAC.

'This is still Trump's movement,' Mr. Anuzis said. 'I think Pence is playing his cards right, laying low while some of the controversy around him settles down.'

But he cautioned against underestimating Mr. Pence, saying time is on his side.

'He served Trump well and has a deep level of commitment from a broad range of politicos,' Mr. Anuzis said.

Mr. Pence's team says the former vice president has spoken with Mr. Trump numerous times since leaving office on Jan. 20 and that both sides have initiated contact.

Mr. Pence has maintained a low profile since leaving office, focusing his attention on his family and his partnerships with the Heritage Foundation and Young America's Foundation.

The Conservative Brief adds:

Pence, the Times noted, was in Charleston, S.C. where he took part in a question-and-answer session with the Bradley Foundation. Also, the former talk show host as been in consultations with the Young America's Foundation over an upcoming podcast that group plans to launch.

Pence will also be active in stumping for Republican candidates for office in 2022, where he 'plans to play a role in helping House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy flip control of the lower chamber,' the Times reported.

Trump and Pence were good together.

They will be good together again.

It’s good to see the former vice president out and about again and contributing to conservative politics.

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